Our Philosophy

Bath City Youth FC focuses on the development of each individual player by ensuring an effective environment and support for players in our care. Ultimately each training or match experience providing opportunity for every player to depart a better and more informed individual than when they arrived.

Although winning matches is nice it is also irrelevant. The development of our young players is our only consideration and the score line will reflect our success in doing this. This means that we actively seek to work on players’ weaknesses and play a standard of opposition that will in turn expose them.

Bath City Youth FC’s programme for learning is naturally centered on football activities, yet we consider that through these we offer the greatest opportunity for an individual to learn the skills to develop as an individual and in turn contribute to society. We are therefore committed to ensuring that all young players associated with us acquire good values and standards and build the self-confidence and self-awareness which will sustain them throughout their lives, irrespective of their ultimate achievements as football players.

We consider that a central feature of our role as educators is to ensure that all players acquire the values of dedication, optimism, resilience, respect, tolerance and loyalty. In addition to helping young players enhance their football ability, we will also aim to educate them on aspects of fitness, nutrition and general health issues.

We believe that technical excellence in young players is the cornerstone to success in football as subject mastery is to success in life.

Achieving all of this is made possible thanks to the high quality, experience and qualified status of our coaches, our links with Bath City FC, our volunteers, parents and other partners.

Playing Philosophy

Bath City Youth FC will adopt a positive attacking style with a clear emphasis on:

  • Individual attacking technique and skill
  • Dominance of possession based on playing out of the back and through the three thirds of the pitch
  • Use of the full pitch to create attacking opportunities
  • Quality passing and intelligent movement off the ball
  • Penetrative, incisive and varied attacking play, allied to good finishing

Bath City Youth FC will adopt an aggressive defending style with a clear emphasis on:

  • Individual defending technique and skill
  • Resilient 1v1 defending and support play
  • Organized tactical defending to which all players contribute
  • A controlled, and where necessary assertive approach to defending
  • An emphasis on winning the ball back quickly having lost possession through focused pressing

Bath City Youth FC will adopt a flexible approach to the philosophy and understands the need to provide players with an all round understanding of:

  • Attacking and defending principles of the game
  • The transition phase
  • Styles, patterns and formations of play

Applying The Playing Philosophy

With the ball

To develop players capable of playing the game outlined in our Playing Philosophy, players should be encouraged, when possible, to play out from the back and through midfield, progressing play to create chances with clever and creative play.

Goalkeepers should be comfortable in possession, distributing the ball to defenders who are confident to receive the ball and pass, or run with the ball, into midfield.

Players in all areas of the pitch should be encouraged to retain possession by building play through the three-thirds of the pitch. Put simply: this begins by encouraging players to refrain from kicking the ball hopefully from one end of the pitch to the other.

Young players should develop their passing skills focusing on accuracy, variety and incisiveness. Incisive passes see the ball being played through, around, or over, the opposition to create goal-scoring opportunities.
Possession work should be supported with an emphasis on intelligent movement with players encouraged to interchange position to receive the ball.

Young players should be given the opportunity to play in lots of different areas of the pitch as it is vital for their development and modern tactics demand it.

Recognizing counter-attacking opportunities is also fundamental. Young players should be given opportunities to learn how to play the game at different speeds, developing an understanding of which approach – patient build-up play or incisive counter-attacking – is most appropriate depending on the state of the game and the organisation of the opposition.

This style of play encourages all players, at different times, to join in with attacking play with an emphasis on variety and creativity. Individual dribbling skills and the ability to go past players using a skill or trick, particularly in the final-third, are to be encouraged. Players demonstrating such individual abilities should be encouraged to develop these unique skills wherever possible.

Without the ball

Players should be encouraged to regain the ball skillfully and intelligently, rather than simply chasing after the ball; this includes all players on the pitch and not just those in more defensive minded positions.

Players should be encouraged to develop their understanding of when to attempt to regain the ball early (when the opposition do not have controlled possession) and, alternatively, when to recover, drop-off, and work together to prevent the opposition from executing attacks (when the opposition have good possession).

Young players should also be given the opportunity to learn how to function in man-marking and zonal defensive structures.

Club Policies